The Outreach Ministry is made up of multiple ministries supporting local, national and international areas. There are many opportunities to serve on Outreach including the following missions:


JPC fills food boxes that are given to families who are in need of help at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Members of JPC donate food or money to purchase food for the boxes. JPC members pack and deliver the boxes before each holiday.  At Christmas we also have an Angel Tree with all the families’ names on angels that members take from the tree and purchase gifts for the children.

Contact: Susan Shaw for more information.

FOOD COLLECTION for Greensboro Urban Ministry’s emergency food pantry:

JPC, along with other area churches, participates in two food drives each
year to help Greensboro Urban Ministry keep its food pantry stocked for
emergencies in the area. This includes a spring drive (usually around
April) and again in the fall in September or October. This is done by
volunteers from our church in 2-hour shifts from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. for one day
only (Fri. or Sat.) at Lowe’s Foods on Guilford College Road during each of
these drives.

Contact: Betty Johnson for more information.

STOP HUNGER NOW:  Food Ministry International

65 JPC Volunteers prepare 10,000 meals is less than 2 hours.  These packaged meals are dehydrated, high protein, and highly nutritious meals that are used to support education programs, and orphanages in 65 countries around the world in an effort to impact hunger and death caused by hunger.

Contact: Fred Werstlein for more information.


Founded in 1967, GUM  is an non- profit ecumenical agency supported by more than 200 congressional representatives.  The GUM is a crisis intervention agency assisting the homeless with  food, shelter, clothing, emergency assistance and more.  JPC supports the GUM financially and prepares and serves meals at the Potter House for over the past fifteen years.

Contact Fred Werstlein for more information.

THE INTERACTIVE RESOURCE CENTER: (IRC)  Day Center for homelessness

“ Homeless is not who I am; it’s what’s happened to me.”

The IRC assists people who are homeless to reconnect with their own lives and the community at large.  Since their opening in 2009, they went from serving 40 people a day to seeing over 200.  Over 17 different services are offered from a place to get a shower to securing housing and employment.  Financial support from church and members is provided along with active participation.

Contact: Fred Werstlein for more information.

BARNABAS NETWORK:  Furniture Ministry

The Barnabas Furniture Ministry is a collaborative effort of diverse faith communities, ministries, and social agencies that provide furniture at no cost to qualified and needy individuals and families.   JPC supports financially and JPC members provide donations of furniture.

Contact: Fred Werstlein for more information.

KAIROS/KAIROS TORCHPrison ministry for adults and youth.   Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World

Kairos volunteers serve as God’s instrument through His love, grace and mercy during a Kairos Weekend.  Following the weekend Kairos Volunteers return  monthly to provide guidance and mentoring in order to support accountability groups.  JPC provides financial support as well as volunteer hours on the weekends and on the executive committee.

Contact: David and Nancy Farmer for more information.


The Hamil-Kerr Challenge Bike/Run/Walk is held in April at JPC. This event, which was formally the John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk and Bike Ride for Parkinson’s Research, was started by our own Carol Kerr in 2006. Because Carol was ultimately diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy), donations for the event will go towards research for Parkinson’s Disease and PSP.

Contact: Mike Pendleton for more information.


Peacehaven was started by two families in 2007 with the purchase of 89 acres of land. Both families have children with special needs and wanted to ensure a place for them to live as adults where they would be cared for in a loving and learning environment. Currently there is a garden, orchard, apiary and farm animals that need attending. Building on the first of five houses is scheduled to begin this year. JPC members volunteer their time to assist in whatever needs doing on the day we go. You may learn more about Peacehaven on their website at

Please contact Loyce Lesley for more information


We collect and loan out medical equipment to church members on an as-needed basis.  Items such as walkers, canes, shower chairs, etc.

Contact: Peggy Purcell  for more information


JPC goes on various mission trips each year.  Some are local, national and international.  We have sent groups to the following places:

Sunset Gap – to build and repair homes in TN
South Africa – to support Campus Outreach

If you are interested in future mission trips,
Contact: David and Nancy Farmer for more information


Exists to allow our people who knit or crochet to make warm, soft, cozy shawls which are given to members of our congregation (and sometimes others) who need loving care and concern as they recover from surgery, illness or other conflicts. These are give to wrap a person with love and prayers to help them face their needs, knowing that they can count on the church and its congregation.  The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM at the church. Other knitters, who can’t come at that time, will be given shawls to knit and pass on the other knitters. Any who is interested in participating should

Call: Jo Breck or Joanne Graham. We can even teach you to knit!

“Fools for Christ”

Fools for Christ featuring ze clownettes is a clown ministry through Jamestown Presbyterian Church (JPC) whose primary purpose is to bring joy to people, young and old, and spread the teachings of Jesus.  Comprised of school aged students (Kindergarten through middle schoolers), teachers, coaches and volunteers from the Jamestown community, we perform for the community in and around the Triad area.

 Contact: Heather Shaw  (


Secret Pals for college students will begin again in the fall. Sign up flyers will be
placed in the Sunday bulletin soon so please consider being a JPC student’s secret
pal. Names of college students or questions can be directed to Pam Hjelmquist at

STREET MINISTRY: Outreach is starting a new ministry to serve the homeless. We will be supplying

packets, consisting of a water bottle, protein bar, devotion book and contact information for agencies
in the area that could provide assistance. Contact Robin Gonsiewski for more information.