Children are a gift from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3

​Each child in our program is a unique and special child of God.
It is our primary objective to instill a genuine love and enthusiasm for learning
through a multi-sensory approach where the uniqueness and individuality of each child is recognized.
Every child is made to feel safe, accepted and loved while learning to love, respect and appreciate others.
We strive to achieve our Mission following these objectives:
To serve in unity with the church and its staff in a positive and loving way.
To minister to each Preschool family and to each other.
To create a unique and positive environment which supports growing and learning
in developmentally appropriate ways.
To instill the act of service and compassion for others in the hearts of the
children in our care as we reach out to our communities in need.
Joan Aydelette, Preschool Director

Please contact Joan Aydelette at 336-454-1311 or

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